Friday, June 15, 2012

Updoing My Booth

This will be my 3rd market season! I'm excited to be doing it again because I don't do enough business to have an actual store, but I love meeting customers. I have a few that make sure they find out when I'm going to the market, so they can find me! I love that I actually get to meet them and see them.

The first year, I decided to do the market at the last minute and I shared it with a friend. So, we didn't put a lot of thought into the display (check it out here). Last year, was insane with my little guy that wasn't quite 1 year! I had some ideas, but it was more of a mish mash and my display was a little sad. Not this year! I have been planning, scheming, and designed to come up with a display that all ties together. I wanted to share my progress today and then tomorrow, I will show you the finished booth.

Since this word honu is Hawaiian, I decided to design my booth with an island feel to it. My next decision was to use white and ocean blue for my set-up. My tablecloths have always been white twin size sheets. I keep thinking about getting actual tablecloths, but the sheets work so well and are easily replaced. I found a fabric dye that I fell in love with, it is Dylon's Bahama Blue. I mean the name says it all! So, my tablecloths will now be Bahama blue, not white.
It is actually much more tropical!
Next, we to decide what to do with my fabulous shelves. One set was a shutter door that we cut in half and made into shelves and the other is a foldable set I found at a thrift store. The shutters were already white, but the shelf part was a blue that ended up being too dark. I found a tropical blue paint that I loved, but I didn't want it to be overwhelming. So, we decided to paint the shelves blue and then white; then we are going to scuff them up so a little blue shows through. The scuffing may not happen by tomorrow, but they are painted and looking lovely!
Everything out for painting! Love my shelves :)

The sun is a little strong, but I love this blue!

I also decided I needed better signs than I've used in the past. The plastic holders just wasn't cutting it. My inspiration was actually a little plaque in Hayden's room. It is a simple small piece of wood with a wooden dowel to hold it upright. So, we used some scrap wood in the garage, cut it up, sanded it, and now it is painted. I will write my signage on the wood in paint pens! I also decided to make a "Specials" board. I bought a from at Michael's, along with a pre-cut piece of plywood; the plywood is now chalkboard black and the frame is tropical blue! It will look so cute. I think I'm going to use ribbon to tie the board to my tent, but I'm not positive yet.
My first time using chalkboard paint!
I still have to write out all of my signs, but the major part is all done! Stay tuned for my big reveal...