Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sale Is On!

I mentioned yesterday that I was running really low on certain items and I would be having a sale to clear everything out before the end of the year.

well...THE SALE IS ON! I have updated all of the items on sale and marked them 20% off. You don't need a coupon code to enjoy this one! I do have limited inventory for these items and the sale is only for items marked.

Hurry, I have a feeling these won't last long.

All orders placed by Tuesday, December 18th will ship by December 19th. So, barring any natural disasters, your order will get there before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Inventory is LOW!

WOW! I had an awesome Saturday at the CFAM holiday market!

I am almost out of many of my products. I am down to just a few items left! Most of my soaps are sold out, as are many of my lotions and tub treats! It was a crazy day, but I had a blast.

I am going to go through and inventory everything tonight and what I have left is going to be on sale for the next week! It might not happen, but I would love to sell out of everything before Christmas. That would make the year end inventory so much easier!

I will also have to ask for you to be a little patient with me. I am almost completely out of soaps. I will start making more of everything after the holidays, but soaps take a while to get ready. Everything else can be ready quickly, but soaps will take a little bit.

Keep your eyes open and check the website for an upcoming sale on all remaining items! (Yes, that was supposed to sound like a car commercial)