Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Inventory is LOW!

WOW! I had an awesome Saturday at the CFAM holiday market!

I am almost out of many of my products. I am down to just a few items left! Most of my soaps are sold out, as are many of my lotions and tub treats! It was a crazy day, but I had a blast.

I am going to go through and inventory everything tonight and what I have left is going to be on sale for the next week! It might not happen, but I would love to sell out of everything before Christmas. That would make the year end inventory so much easier!

I will also have to ask for you to be a little patient with me. I am almost completely out of soaps. I will start making more of everything after the holidays, but soaps take a while to get ready. Everything else can be ready quickly, but soaps will take a little bit.

Keep your eyes open and check the website for an upcoming sale on all remaining items! (Yes, that was supposed to sound like a car commercial)