Monday, April 30, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 16

I am counting two things this week. The only reason I'm doing this is because I don't think that either should count as a full item.

First, I am counting the couch and water cooler that I listed of craig's list. Since they haven't sold, I don't think I can really count them, but I'm going to put it down as partially out. Really, listing it is a big step for me because I've been meaning to do it for a while. The water cooler takes up a lot of space and we are very limited on our counter space. So, I'm getting rid of things that we don't use as much or don't really need. Our water tastes fine, so it can go. The couch is so incredibly comfy, but it is too big to get downstairs. We had some friends come over to help us and it just wasn't happening. I love the couch so much, I really wish we had room to store it, but that would not be a very decluttering attitude!

It is so big it won't fit downstairs :(
Next, I am getting rid of our old aquarium stand. I was using it as a little corner table that had some plants on it. I cut a piece of wood to go on top and threw together a little cover for it, but I'm not moving it downstairs because Hayden wants to play with it. I don't want to keep it upstairs because it really just takes up space. I have places to put the plants now that the downstairs is a usable space. So, when a friend mentioned that she would need one for her aquarium, I offered it. I'm not counting it as a complete item because it wasn't something I was planning on getting rid of. I just kind of took advantage of a situation :)
You can see why it had to be covered. Not pretty!
Well, that is it for me this week. Cross your fingers that the couch sells soon! We need to get it out of here so we can finish putting the office together...

What was the last thing you got rid of?

Saturday, April 28, 2012


You probably already know that I am a busy little bee. Between mommying, teaching, and soapmaking; I'm pretty much done by the end of the day. However, I have decided that one of the things I really need to do is to go through all of my products and really look at what I have. There are two reasons for this; I have stretched myself too thin and I don't feel I'm being true to my original vision.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 15

So, I said before that we decided to rearrange the downstairs to make it toddle friendly. That meant getting the turtle aquarium out of there. Hayden loved watching Squirt, but he also like to climb on the stand and that just isn't a good idea.

So, we moved the aquarium upstairs as a temporary home. We couldn't decide what to do with it, but it finally hit me...TAKE IT TO SCHOOL! I knew my kids would just love it and they'll enjoy taking care of Squirt for me. I think I decided that about a month and a half ago. Yeah, it has been a while.

Yesterday, we got the tank emptied, scrubbed out, rocks cleaned up, filter scrubbed, and we packed it up. We took Squirt up to school and set up the tank. We got the filter running and the tank filled up. It took awhile to do and it was past Hayden's dinner time, but it is DONE!

Squirt is in a nice spot in my room, so will get morning and noontime sun, but will be out of the direct sunlight before the afternoon really heats up. Plus, there are a lot of big rocks, so I'm thinking of building her a higher shelf to sit on, so I can add more water to her aquarium. Half full is fine, but I know she'd love more.
The upstairs is still a mess, but check out that huge, empty space where the tank was! I didn't get a picture of Squirt's new setup, but I will get one tomorrow. I'm so excited to get something out of the house! The best part of this is, I didn't actually have to get rid of Squirt (who was my birthday present many years ago); I just moved her to school. My students will love it and having them help take care of her will teach them what turtles need and how to care for one.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 14

My challenge this week was a little tough. I'm running out of things I can easily grab and throw out the door! I have plenty of things I would gladly get rid of in the garage, but I have to actually get in the garage.

However, I did come up with something that has just been sitting there on the kitchen counter. It has been overlooked more times than I really care to admit. We talk about getting rid of it all the time, but it doesn't go anywhere.

WELL...the time has come. It is out the door and will no longer take up space that I would like to have. What is it, you ask?
The treat jar for the cat! Do I mean the cat that we no longer have? I do! Tiki is gone and we don't plan on getting another cat for a while. I already got rid of the cat carrier, bowls, toys, and other miscellaneous supplies. I just never did get rid of the treat jar. I don't know why, but it stayed.

Well, I'm done with the challenge for this week (technically last week, but I got rid of it on Sunday). Look for my latest challenge later this week (or the beginning of next week).

Have you started decluttering yet? I would really love to here about it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yogurt Mask

I know it might seem strange to slather yogurt on your face, but really, if I've recommended pumpkin and avocados, yogurt isn't so strange. Plus, it offers super skin care benefits.

First, yogurt is made from fermented milk, so it contains lactic acid. Lactic acid will gently dissolve dead skin cells to help unclog pores for clearer, healthier skin. Lactic acid will also help to soften the skin, which makes you look more luminous. There is no need to go low-fat either! The fat in the yogurt is actually good for your skin. It can help add moisture and plumpness to dry, overworked skin. Some also claim that yogurt is useful for diminishing the appearance of age spots, but I think you have to add a little lemon juice for that to work.

So, with all these great benefits, why not use it to make your own mask at home? It really is simple. All you need is plain yogurt, it doesn't even matter what kind of plain yogurt.

Here are some easy ideas for different skin types:

Dry skin: plain yogurt, finely ground oatmeal, and/or honey

Oily skin: plain yogurt, 1 tsp lemon juice

Normal skin: plain yogurt :)

In need of exfoliation: plain yogurt; finely ground almond meal

  1. Mix ingredients if necessary
  2. Smooth on face (decollete, arms, and anywhere else if you have enough)
  3. Let sit for 10-15 minutes
  4. Rinse and pat dry
  5. Follow with moisturizer
Some people are sensitive to lactic acid or the active cultures, so rinse immediately if you feel any burning or itching. A slight tingling is normal.

The possibilities are truly endless! Try creating your own combination of ingredients and let me know what you came up with!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 12 & 13

I am a little behind. The past few weekends have been crazy! First, my parents came to see Hayden. Which was lots of fun and we had a blast. Then, I was in Indianapolis for a Science teaching conference. This past weekend was our anniversary and Easter! Whew!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We didn't do anything big for Easter today, but we did put together a little Easter egg hunt for Hayden. We wanted to do a bigger hunt and invite friends over, but I was gone last weekend and our anniversary was Friday, so we went with low-key.

After Hayden woke from his nap, we gave him his basket and set him lose downstairs. He learned the drill Friday at daycare, so he was a pro today! The only problem we had...he wanted to open the eggs and not collect more. It was still fun for us. After he finished, we sat on the couch and decorated his truck from Grammy T and ate a little bit of candy.

The best thing about the afternoon...Hayden's laugh as we played together.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NSTA 2012

Last week was Spring Break, but I didn't take the whole week to vegetate. Instead, I packed my bags and headed to Indianapolis. Why? Because that is where the National Science Teacher Conference was held!