Monday, April 16, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 14

My challenge this week was a little tough. I'm running out of things I can easily grab and throw out the door! I have plenty of things I would gladly get rid of in the garage, but I have to actually get in the garage.

However, I did come up with something that has just been sitting there on the kitchen counter. It has been overlooked more times than I really care to admit. We talk about getting rid of it all the time, but it doesn't go anywhere.

WELL...the time has come. It is out the door and will no longer take up space that I would like to have. What is it, you ask?
The treat jar for the cat! Do I mean the cat that we no longer have? I do! Tiki is gone and we don't plan on getting another cat for a while. I already got rid of the cat carrier, bowls, toys, and other miscellaneous supplies. I just never did get rid of the treat jar. I don't know why, but it stayed.

Well, I'm done with the challenge for this week (technically last week, but I got rid of it on Sunday). Look for my latest challenge later this week (or the beginning of next week).

Have you started decluttering yet? I would really love to here about it!