Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yogurt Mask

I know it might seem strange to slather yogurt on your face, but really, if I've recommended pumpkin and avocados, yogurt isn't so strange. Plus, it offers super skin care benefits.

First, yogurt is made from fermented milk, so it contains lactic acid. Lactic acid will gently dissolve dead skin cells to help unclog pores for clearer, healthier skin. Lactic acid will also help to soften the skin, which makes you look more luminous. There is no need to go low-fat either! The fat in the yogurt is actually good for your skin. It can help add moisture and plumpness to dry, overworked skin. Some also claim that yogurt is useful for diminishing the appearance of age spots, but I think you have to add a little lemon juice for that to work.

So, with all these great benefits, why not use it to make your own mask at home? It really is simple. All you need is plain yogurt, it doesn't even matter what kind of plain yogurt.

Here are some easy ideas for different skin types:

Dry skin: plain yogurt, finely ground oatmeal, and/or honey

Oily skin: plain yogurt, 1 tsp lemon juice

Normal skin: plain yogurt :)

In need of exfoliation: plain yogurt; finely ground almond meal

  1. Mix ingredients if necessary
  2. Smooth on face (decollete, arms, and anywhere else if you have enough)
  3. Let sit for 10-15 minutes
  4. Rinse and pat dry
  5. Follow with moisturizer
Some people are sensitive to lactic acid or the active cultures, so rinse immediately if you feel any burning or itching. A slight tingling is normal.

The possibilities are truly endless! Try creating your own combination of ingredients and let me know what you came up with!