Sunday, April 22, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 15

So, I said before that we decided to rearrange the downstairs to make it toddle friendly. That meant getting the turtle aquarium out of there. Hayden loved watching Squirt, but he also like to climb on the stand and that just isn't a good idea.

So, we moved the aquarium upstairs as a temporary home. We couldn't decide what to do with it, but it finally hit me...TAKE IT TO SCHOOL! I knew my kids would just love it and they'll enjoy taking care of Squirt for me. I think I decided that about a month and a half ago. Yeah, it has been a while.

Yesterday, we got the tank emptied, scrubbed out, rocks cleaned up, filter scrubbed, and we packed it up. We took Squirt up to school and set up the tank. We got the filter running and the tank filled up. It took awhile to do and it was past Hayden's dinner time, but it is DONE!

Squirt is in a nice spot in my room, so will get morning and noontime sun, but will be out of the direct sunlight before the afternoon really heats up. Plus, there are a lot of big rocks, so I'm thinking of building her a higher shelf to sit on, so I can add more water to her aquarium. Half full is fine, but I know she'd love more.
The upstairs is still a mess, but check out that huge, empty space where the tank was! I didn't get a picture of Squirt's new setup, but I will get one tomorrow. I'm so excited to get something out of the house! The best part of this is, I didn't actually have to get rid of Squirt (who was my birthday present many years ago); I just moved her to school. My students will love it and having them help take care of her will teach them what turtles need and how to care for one.