Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Soap

I had an idea for a Halloween soap, but I was running a little behind. Sure, I could make a hot process soap, but as my idea involved multiple colors and that we soapmakers generally assume you can't do pretty swirls in hot process. However, I found a soapmaker's blog and she specializes in multi-colored beautiful hot process soaps.

I decided to give it a try. I also decided to use pumpkin puree as part of my water to mix with the lye! I used one of my favorite soaping recipes and I mixed to light trace. Then, I separated it into two large stainless steels pots (picked up on the cheap at my local thrift store). I colored one orange and one black. *TIP* Use the stick blender to mix in the orange first, then use the same blender to mix the black in. It won't interfere with the color and you have less to clean up. I set my oven on 180, put the lids on, and put my soap in the oven.

Black and orange soap (it is about even, the picture is just off) 
It is a very big pot for so little soap, but it was $5!
Here is the orange soap ready to go in the oven, I didn't get the black soap, but you get the idea.

I used black oxide and Tangerine WOW from Bramble Berry to color my soap. I needed very little and they didn't fade or discolor.  I did have to add a bit more of the Tangerine WOW after cooking to get the orange I wanted, but that is a joy of hot process soap!

I let the soap cook and check on it every 25 minutes. After about an hour, both pots separated into and oily mess! After my initial panic, I simply mixed them both back together and continued to cook. They cooked about a 1 1/2 hours total before my tongue didn't get zapped when I tested it.

It is really important to let the soap cool for a few minutes after cooking before adding fragrances or essential oils, especially if they have low flash points. I scented the black portion with BB Rich, Dark Chocolate and the orange portion with BB Pumpkin Spice. I didn't scent the entire batch the same because the chocolate fo discolors.

Time for swirling...which I didn't get pictures of. It was my first time and I was too preoccupied with getting it right! I used a method similar to the tutorial I found. I folded my colors together and then swirled. I am happy with the outcome, but I know what I can do differently next time! Plus, this batch only had to sit a week before it was ready to go!

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Soap-A Real Halloween Treat!
What is your favorite Halloween scent?
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Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm in the Dallas airport waiting to catch my flight to head home after a friend's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and it went well. The bride was stressed and worried about everything that could go wrong. She literally worried about everything.

She worried about the gifts for the attendants, that her dress wouldn't fit, there would be something wrong with the cakes, and every other little detail. She worried to the point that she was actually sick to her stomach. All of her worrying was for nothing. Her dress fit perfectly and could not have been more beautiful. The cakes were adorable. The only thing that could be considered a problem was that pictures were rushed because we were slow getting ready. Even those looked nice.

All her worrying made me thing about how often we worry ourselves sick. We worry so much we don't even get to enjoy those great moments in our lives. We planned and we prepared, but we didn't take a moment to stop and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Now would be a good time to do that. Stop, take a look around, and take a moment to enjoy your life and all the things that come out of your hard work.

Remember to do that the next you have a big event that you plan. Enjoy it!

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