Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gettin' Crafty

I love reading crafty blogs. It gives me all sorts of fun ideas and that I really don't have time to do, but I love anyway. Well, I decided that I should start doing a few of them because I feel like all I do is work. It may be working as a mom, as a soapmaker, or as a teacher, but I work A LOT! So, I am going to start doing some of my ideas.

First, when I was going through boxes, I found this old wall plaque that my mom bought from Home Interiors. Does anyone remember those parties? I think they may have been one of the first home shows and my mom was the Home Interiors QUEEN. Just about every decoration in our house came from one of the parties she hosted. I remember the plaque hanging on the wall for my entire childhood. When mom died, it was packed up and forgotten about. Well, when I found it, it almost went into my declutter pile. However, I decided to save it and see what I could do with it.
I think it is cute, but needed some updating!
 So, I sat and stared at it and left it where I could look at it. I finally decided that the perfect place to hang it would be above the descending stairs as you walk in. We recently painted the downstairs bright white with a blue-gray trim. We are planning on using the blue to paint the entryway and the white for the trim. I wanted a color that would stand out, but fit in. I decided I wanted to use a soft yellow. I also wanted the background and words to contrast, I found a color I love called "oil rubbed bronze." It is nice and dark, but not quite black. What do you think?
Not bad for my first crafty project. It was easy too! It took about one nap time to get it all painted.

Have you done any projects where you redid something simple to make it fit your home?