Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Soap

I bought some of BB's Fired Up Fuchsia and I've been trying to figure out what soap to use it in and I decided on a Valentine's Day soap. I know that most of what we see is a pretty pink or red (see last year's soap), but I decided to do something a little differently this year.

I chose to use a scent blend with amber, musk, vanilla, and sandalwood. Plus, a vanilla color stabilizer because that has "discoloration" written all over it! For my colors, I used Fired Up Fuchsia, Rose Kaolin Clay, Brick Red Oxide, and some titanium dioxide.

I made my soap and only mixed to a light trace. Then, I poured a small amount of scented soap into three plastic cups for different colors. The main portion was colored with Fired Up Fuchsia (which looks really orange in the pictures, but is hot pink!).

I poured some of the main soap into my mold.

 I poured about half of my three other colors in a swirl pattern. Some of it sank, but I wanted it to reach the bottom, so I wasn't worried.

 Then, I poured the rest of my fuchsia soap. I poured my other three colors carefully, so they wouldn't sink this time.

 I used my handy-dandy bent hanger to swirl the soap up and down.
 Finally, I used a skewer to to gently swirl the top. I love the colors! The red oxide and titanium dioxide look great. The rose clay looks more brown than rose, but I really like it.
Want to see what it looks like all cut up? Stay tuned...