Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S.O.A.P! Yes, Please

It is that time again! Bramble Berry is looking for their next S.O.A.P peeps and I am trying for it (again). Why do I keep trying? Because I LOVE BB! Plus, it is hard to be upset that I don't get chosen when there are so many talented people all trying. Not the point!

My favorite BB fragrance oil is...Applejack Peel!
This is one that I just cannot get enough of. When you first sniff it out of the bottle, which is honestly not always the best idea, you will fall in love. It is definitely apple. Then you smell cinnamon and other rich warm spices. With one sniff it smells like warm, apple pie and the next is hot apple cider. One moment I feel like I'm sitting down to a picnic and should have some vanilla ice cream to go with it. Then, I'm curled up next to the fire all wrapped up in a blanket with my mug in my hands.

I love it so much that I actually used it for two different soaps! My (I had way too much fun making it) 4th of July soap and my Holly Jolly soap were both scented with Applejack Peel because I thought it would work for both.
Holly Jolly Soap!

I also like the fact that it does not discolor, does not cause any real problems in cold process soap. It does accelerate trace, but that is to be expected since it is spicy. However, it did not accelerate trace as much as I expected, but I did soap at a lower temperature.

The scent sticks when in the soap and I actually just pulled out a bar of the 4th of July soap and it still smells YUMMY! The scent does not morph during saponification and stays true from the first sniff to the last. It is warm and delicious without being overpowering or harsh. I didn't end up trying Applejack Peel in lotion because I decided against seasonal lotions this year, but the scent was so popular that I am truly considering for next year.