Saturday, January 21, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 2

This week was actually a pretty easy pick. The challenge was finding the time and working past a certain 16 month old that was trying to be helpful. I didn't just get rid of one item this week, but I'm counting it as one because it was all in one place. It was a black hole that just kept sucking things in. Nothing could escape for long and it was starting to overflow! No, it wasn't the kitchen junk drawer...

I decided the clean out my sock and underwear drawer! I don't know when the last time I did that. I'm a bit of a fun sock freak, so people give me socks for presents. I love them! I wear them...out! The problem is that I don't get rid of any of them.

If I pull out a pair of socks that is getting a little too worn in the heel, do I walk the 6 steps to the trash can to throw them out? Nope, I put them back in the drawer and never think of them again. Then, I put all my new and clean socks on top. The same thing for underwear; although, the problem there is more not fitting anymore :( but it still doesn't get thrown out! After I do laundry, I have to shove everything down just to make it all fit!

Ridiculous, right!

So, I cleaned it out. I dumped everything out of the drawer onto the floor. I put a laundry basket next to me and started going through it all. Anything that was still in good condition (no wearing of the heels), still fit, and I would still be willing to wear went back into the drawer. Everything else went into the laundry basket.

At this point Hayden realized that I wanted all this stuff I just dumped on the floor picked back up. He tried to help by putting things in the laundry basket. It really wasn't helpful; in fact, I had to pull most of what he put in there back out. It was cute though, so I didn't mind.

See, it really was a lot! It is hard to let go of my cute socks, but I did it!
The result, I have a half-full drawer, not an overflowing drawer. So, my Decluttering Challenge is wonderful (so far) and I like the fact that I can already see a difference.

Have you joined me yet? If so, what have you gotten rid of? If not, why?