Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Declutter Week #1

This week I choose something that was my mom's. First, you should know that she passed away in 1998. It has been awhile.

When she died, we packed everything into boxes and put it in storage. There it sat for 12 years. I pulled everything out and went through most of it 2 years ago. I found an old dipstick in there. Really? Apparently, it was sentimental...or something like that.

Anyway, I have held on to quite a few things of hers for different reasons. Which, I'm sure most of you can understand. Well, it is time to stop holding on to things just because they belonged to her. So, this week's item (items, actually) is her old bank(s). She kept change in several different tins. Why did I keep them? Because I did. I decided to take most of these to the bank and cash in her change. What we found was $63 in change, $6 in (brand new, 1988) one-dollar bills, and various foreign coins.
Tins of change!

I am sending the $70 to Hayden's college fund. I put the various foreign coins back in a small tin that the lid fit snugly on so that he can shake it and make lots of obnoxious noise. I put the other tins in "the box" to be donated.

Now, I did say most of the banks. I kept one. First, it is so cute with the little shamrock! Second, I would have to smash it to get the change out and smashing a pig with a 4-leaf clover does not seem like good luck. Third, it was actually my grandfather's.
Cute little Piggy!

Did you get rid of one thing this week too? Is there something that you have trouble letting go of?