Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eating Well

My mom used to tell me "you are what you eat" and this is very true. While we know that an occasional chocolate bar isn't going to make your face breakout, but a continuous low-nutrition diet can lead to many problems. When our body receives the nourishment that it needs we look better and feel better.

I know how true this is for me. We have done a good job at home about making good choices and eating well. We've had one of those microwave cakes for about 3 weeks and haven't eaten it. We usually choose low fat popcorn instead. I usually feel and look good. I know my skin feels good and I have more energy throughout the day. However, we occasionally have those hectic weeks and nobody has time to cook. I never feel or look as good. I know I blame it on the stress, but it really isn't. I need to eat better.

So, pay attention to what you put in your body. High sugar or high fat foods should be kept to a minimum. Strive for a balanced diet of fresh and minimally processed foods.

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