Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drink Plenty of Water

Beautiful, healthy skin comes from proper skin care and since our skin is what the whole world sees, its important to take care of our skin. Its also important to take care of all of our skin, not just our face. So, here are a few easy steps to keep your skin glowing.

STEP 1- Drink Plenty of Water! We've all heard it many times, but water really is life. Water helps eliminate toxins from you body, keep your cells hydrated, and will help keep your skin from drying out. 8-10 glasses of water are recommended to keep you looking and feeling your best. If you don't like it plain, try adding a squeeze of lemon or orange. I add mint to mine in the summer for extra refreshment. Keep in mind that there really isn't a magic number to how much water we need, but slight dehydration for me has often led to headaches, breakouts, and dry skin patches.

Keep reading for more skin care tips and ideas!

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