Thursday, September 10, 2009

All About Attitude

Ok, this isn't officially a Fl!p Your Thinking post, but it does tie in. I've been working really hard on changing my attitude and how I look at certain situations. I'm generally a positive person, but it is easy to get sucked in to a negative way of looking at things. But, I've been discovering that how we view certain situations and our outlook on life has a lot more to do with our happiness than actual events.

So, I interviewed for a position with a local high school a couple weeks ago and while the principal was trying to be nice when he explained why I wasn't chosen, the words used were pretty damaging to my self esteem. Even trying really hard to look at it in a positive light, it hurt. So, this school had another position open up and I figured I'd try again.

I had my interview today and the schedule would be all integrated freshman level classes. No diversity in the schedule and no higher level classes. Wow, that kinda sucks. I love ecology, biology, a&p, chemistry, all of which I was initially turned down for. So, if I get this job I'm looking at an entire year of only one course with a very simplified curriculum because its an intro course. Hmmm, the words mind numbing come to mind. So, I start thinking I don't know if I want this job, but I'm kinda out of options at this point. I need a job and I need another source of income, cause subbing isn't cutting it.

BUT! When I stop to think about it, that's how I felt starting my first year teaching with mostly Integrated Physics and Chemistry, just a simple intro to both subjects and I only had one bio class where they stuck all the rejects into one class. I was so upset! In the end I put a lot of work into both classes and some things worked and some didn't, but I LOVED my IPC class more than the bio (which is what I really wanted to teach). We had so much fun doing silly experiments and fun projects. I was actually disappointed when I didn't get to teach IPC the next year. I took a class I was dreading teaching and I made it fun for my students. So, I ended up having fun too.

So, if I can change my attitude about this potential job, I might see the possibilities. Ok, its not the original schedule I interviewed for (and was shot down for), but its not so bad either. I have lots of ideas and activities for the subjects I would introduce in the course and it would be fun for the students. I would be teaching only freshmen, but its a lot of fun to watch them develop over their first year in high school.

I haven't gotten the job and don't know if I will (although I got a very comprehensive tour of the school, so that has to be good), but I have a better attitude about it than I did before. I can see the potential for this class. I would get to teach multiple subjects in one course. I already have a number of projects for them to do. Plus,we only grow and learn when we experience something new and this is a course I haven't yet taught.

See, all about attitude!

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