Sunday, September 20, 2009


No More Shoulds; FL!P: I AM AT CHOICE

I cannot even count the number of things I should have done. How many times has "oh yeah, I really should have done..." come out of my mouth? Probably more than anything else has. I should have done ___________ sooner, I should have called _________, I should ___________ more often, good grief, I could go on forever.

I can make myself sick thinking about all the things I should have done. But, doing that only holds me back. The past is gone and I can't change it. Shoulds won't fix what I didn't do. Its time to move on and focus on the what's in front of me.

I have choices to make, now. I have opportunities, now. I have my future, NOW. No more looking back, except to learn from my mistakes (and my successes, let's not forget those). I am at choice!

And I choose to be successful. I choose to make things happen for myself. I choose happiness. I choose my own future. You go out and do that for yourself too!

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