Sunday, September 20, 2009


I don't make my own conditioner, YET! I hope to someday, but I'm trying to learn patience. I don't need to know everything now or do everything now.

Instead, I buy unscented conditioner and scent it myself. I bought the Whole Foods 365 brand. I like it. It gets the job done, wasn't too expensive, and is free of all those things I'm trying to avoid. I pour some into a 2oz bottle, add whatever essential oils I want and use that for about a week or two. Then, I clean my bottle and make some more. This way I don't have too much if I make something icky and I don't get bored.

Last time I made some, I made orange dreamsicle. OH MY SQUASH!!! It is amazing. It wakes me up in the morning and really gets me going. Its not too sweet and it really doesn't make me hungry either. I love it!!!

I added about 5 drops each of sweet orange essential oil and vanilla essential oil. I'm really thinking that I might make that my next lotion scent. I'll probably experiment with that next weekend, not sooner because I need some more emulsifying wax :( I used the last making a friend some face lotion.

I got the 5th dark vanilla from Texas Natural Supply and it is soooo good, if you are interested.

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