Monday, August 24, 2009

Tea Toner

Years ago I started making my own toner because I got tired of how commercial toners made my face feel. I thought to myself that if green tea was good for your insides, it should be good for your outsides too. So, I brewed up some of my green tea and tried it out. After many trials (and a few errors) I finally have a good idea of what works and what feels good.

  • Green tea
  • Witch hazel
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Small bottle with mister (I got one of the little travel sizes)
  1. Brew your green tea normally, but double strength. I like loose leaf tea best and I've been told its releases more of the "good stuff," but its your preference.
  2. Pour green tea into your bottle until a little over 3/4 full.
  3. Fill the rest of the way with witch hazel. I get mine from a health food store, I know they have it in Wal-mart, but again I've heard that its not as good. Do not use too much witch hazel because it can be drying (I found that out). DO NOT use alcohol, it is very drying and can irritate skin.
  4. Allow to cool and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Cap and mist lightly over face.
  5. Store in fridge and use within a week or two. If you notice any color change, throw it out and make fresh toner.
I talked to a lady this weekend about rooibos tea and I think I might try that next time! You could use chamomile essential oil instead, but avoid any citrus oils as they cause photosensitivity. You could also use peppermint tea in a mister to help keep you cool on hot days!

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