Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No More Pessimism

I received a comment about last week's Fl!p Your Thinking and I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Rebecca Cooper the creator of the cards. What a huge help I have found them to be and I would again recommend everyone look into the deck that would be the most help to them.


So, here is how my year has gone. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My mema was diagnosed with breast cancer. My Uncle Baldy passed away. My Uncle Munk passed away. My middle brother had to have ear surgery. My youngest brother lost his job. I lost my job. My computer died last week. This weekend my dog hurt herself and now her tail doesn't work. My dear friend will be having major surgery next week. WOW! You know how many times I have thought what else good possibly go wrong this year. It seems that everytime I ask that, something else goes wrong. It is so easy to get bogged down with all the negative things that happen and sometimes we miss the good things.

Now, if I flip my thinking and I look at all of this in a different light, this is what I see. My dad underwent surgery and is fine. My mema underwent major sugery and chemo and is now considered cancer free. My Uncle Baldy and Uncle Munk had wonderful lives and a loving family that was with them until the end. My middle brother's ear and hearing are fine. My youngest brother found a new job that he seems to like more. I have decided to pursue my own business instead of getting another job. While I am a bit lost without everything on my computer, I'm sure it will be recovered and I have a friend's computer to use for now. My dog seems to be feeling a little better and I'm hoping her tail will perk back up. Whatever the outcome of my friend's surgery, she will always have the love and support of her friends and family to support her through rough times.

If I were to only focus on the negative things that have happened I would miss the wonderful opportunities and experiences of this past year. I am a little nervous about things to come, but am optimistic as well. I am happy, I am surrounded by people that love and support me, and I have the ability to love them all back. What else do I really need?

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