Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flip Your Thinking-Connected

I bought this little pack of cards called Fl!p Your Thinking and I love them. I got the confidence set and it has this tiny pack of cards on a ring. One side has an "old tired thought" and the other has a new way to look at life or a problem. The idea is that you flip through the deck and use them like flashcards on how to renew your energy and confidence. There are several decks available, but I figured that the confidence deck was the best for me.

So, what I think I will do is make this a weekly feature. Each week I will pick a card to share with you and what it means to me. I would love it if anyone would be willing to share a story or personal experience that might relate to any of the cards I post.

This week: I am not ALONE! Fl!p: I am CONNECTED!

This is so true for me. When I first decided that I would like to start Honu Naturals, I had no idea what to do. I had good products that people loved, but I didn't know how to move forward with that. So, I started researching. I soon found the Indie Beauty Community and the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild both of which I found so wonderful and helpful. So, I learned a lot about how to market and network. I received invaluable information from Donna Maria and many others who have shared their personal experiences and lessons.

I also headed to the library to find some books on home businesses and web based businesses. I found a treasure trove of information waiting to be discovered. I have read so many books and have learned so much from such a simple resource that I just can't help but be thankful that people took the time to write the books. Ok, I know they probably did it for the money, but I'm still thankful.

I have also started networking closer to home through meetup.com and I joined a few women's networking groups. These groups are so great. They are all women that are trying to make their business work too. Some are independent consultants and some are small business owners like myself, but all are eager to help and learn and network just like I am.

Now I know that I truly am not alone, I am connected in more ways than I could have imagined. I am so grateful for everything that has happened and everyone I have met.

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  1. I'm honored that you mentioned us! In addition to CONFIDENCE, I find as an entrepreneur that the MOTIVATOR and PROSPERITY decks are very helpful. I make up my own decks with cards from each. Congratulations on following your vision! All the best, Rebecca Cooper - creator of Fl!p Your Thinking cards (flipyourthinking.com)