Monday, August 24, 2009

Boo Bees Soap

Like many people I know several women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have done the Race for the Cure and I have done a Danskin Triathlon to help raise money for breast cancer research. I even did a fundraiser in my chemistry class and my awesome students raised over $40 in pocket change! So, I decided that I would do something to benefit breast cancer research with my business.

My first step was to create a soap. I wanted to make a pink soap. My motivation to call it boo bees soap came from a card a sent my dad for his birthday. I loved it and decided to make a honey soap with pink swirls and call it boo bees soap. I decided not to scent it because chemo can make patients more sensitive to scents. I used pink mica to create the pink swirls.

My first batch test batch is really lovely. The soap didn't get too hot, so it stayed a nice light brown color and I went easy on the pink swirls. My next full batch isn't quite as pretty. It got too hot and turned a much darker brown (the color of honey) and I think I had too much pink. However, when I think about it, that's probably good, I don't know how it would have shown up with darker soap. Still, the soap is pretty and usable.

So, I have my first batch of Boo Bees Soap ready to sell. I will tithe 10% from the sell of all Boo Bees Products to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Right now, I only have soaps, which will go for $5.00/bar. I plan to make a pink honey lotion and lip balm to have full line of Boo Bees Products. I'm very excited about starting this.

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Ms. Webb

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