Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don't Skip Toner

Toning your skin after cleansing is an important step that many tend to skip. It is one of those steps that we are told we should do, but never given a reason for doing it. I have posted recipes for toners (here and here), but I haven't explained why they are important. Many misunderstand the purpose and do not do it correctly or do not use the correct product. So, they do not get the desired effect. However, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are all important steps to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. 

The purpose of a toner or astringent is to remove all residue from your skin, refine your pores, and prepare your skin for moisturizing. What kind of residue needs to be removed? All kinds! Oily residue, dead skin cells, and even leftover cleanser. All of that should be removed before you moisturize your skin. A good toner should leave your skin feeling soft and fresh, not dry and tight. Remember, skin should be slightly damp when you moisturize. If your toner doesn't leave your skin feeling refreshed before you moisturize, you should look for a different toner.
Photo by: wlcutler Witch hazel is lovely and effective!

Choosing a toner or astringent depends on your skin type. Dry skin does not need the same care that oily skin needs. Try to choose a toner or astringent without alcohol or use in moderation. Overuse can actually cause skin to produce excess sebum to makeup for the drying effect of alcohol. Floral waters, aloe, witch hazel (without added alcohol), and herbal infusions all make great toners or splashes.
Photo by : tjmwasson Aloe is a great ingredient for a toner!
There are different ways to tone your skin after cleansing:
  1. Moisten a cotton ball with your toner and gently sweep over face. This is usually best for normal to oily skin types because it helps wipe away all though residues we talked about. 
  2. Dilute an alcohol based astringent with water and splash on your face several times. After each splash, catch the liquid in a bowl or sink and repeat. You should use a bowl of cold water and just a splash of astringent.
  3.  Dilute your toner in a spray bottle (half toner/half water) and spritz on face. This might work best for normal to dry skin types because it stays on your skin. So, your skin is a little more moist when you apply your moisturizer.
Have you found the perfect toner or are you still searching?