Sunday, May 20, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 18 & 19

I actually did do some cleaning last weekend, but this week was crazy! School is almost over, so I had to get everything graded last week. All projects, finals, and anything else that was going in the gradebook. So, I didn't get anything else done!

Last Sunday, we opened up the garage and started going through boxes. We also moved some stuff around so that it was a little easier to get to. We decided to go through the book boxes. There are books that I cannot get rid of. I may never read it again, but I still can't part with them. For example, the books "The Dinosaur Heresies" that my Punk gave me when I was in 3rd grade. I never did get far, it is quite a book for a 3rd graders, but I have to keep it. However, I am managing to let go of other books.

I have a lot of Stephen King books that my mom bought for me years ago. I have read all of them. I have kept them because mom gave them to me, but she bought all of them at a second-hand store and I think she just grabbed any book by King she could find. So, I decided most of those could go. Any book that I know I will not read again is gone. It was really hard for me to do. I LOVE books! I feel that people should have as many books as their garage will hold :) But, book are better shared, so I am sharing them. We turned 5 boxes of books into 2. Not bad!

I didn't think I was going to get anything done for this week, but I did. We went camping this weekend, so as I was pulling out camping stuff, I found things to get rid of! First, two camping pillows from when I was in junior high school. They are actually fine, but they just don't fluff back up after being stuff in the bags for a few *cough* years. Next, I found a lantern that the batteries weren't removed from, so they leaked. Third, some canteens that smelled a little funny, so I tossed them.

Have you started decluttering yet? What have you gotten rid of?