Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Ingredient

I ran out of peppermint essential oil before I got my new order in. Completely my fault, I should have ordered sooner. Something I didn't really notice before is how much missing one ingredient can mess all of my production plans up.

For example, I was going through and making all of my soaps. My last batch was my chocolate mint soap, which I couldn't make because I needed peppermint. "No worries," I thought, I'll move on and come back to that when my order arrives. I decided to check my lip balm inventory and take care of those needs. Or, so I thought, the ones I needed more of were chocolate mint, mocha mint, and basic mint. "Hmmm, well, I'll skip lip balms for now and move on to lotions." I made my lavender, grapefruit, and lemon, but got stuck at vanilla MINT! "Ahhhhh!" I couldn't even work on the Love My Flippers products because all of them contain peppermint!

Well, I have definitely learned my lesson. ORDER EARLY!!! I also learned to order the larger bottle of peppermint because I obviously use a lot of it.

See, the important thing is to turn every mistake into a learning opportunity!