Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Decluttering The Office

Well, my original idea for my blog today was done by another blog I follow today! How funny is that? So, instead of rewriting it, please read Are We Being Duped by Lisa M. Rodgers and I'll do something else!

What are these horrible messy pictures of you ask? Why, they are of my office! I'm not usually this messy, but school just let out and since I'm not returning, I had to bring all of my stuff home; plus we decided that the room that was my office would be a better nursery, so I recently moved my office. It has been like that for a few weeks and has been making me CRAZY! I mean, look at that desk! How does a person get any work done when you are constantly shifting piles to find what you need? I won't even mention how many times some of those piles fell on the floor. Plus, do you see the random tote in front of the closet? None of that stuff even belongs in an office. There is even a box and bag full of paper recycling! The one good thing I have going is, my closet is not stuffed full of crap I don't need. There are two file boxes and that's pretty much it.

So, my goal for yesterday was to go through boxes and piles and start moving stuff to the correct place. I worked from about 11 to 7! I did of course stop for breaks, meals, and snacks, but I worked HARD!
As you can clearly see, I didn't do too bad. Most of the boxes are gone (and no the did not get shoved in the closet!). I have a two that you can see still need to be sorted through, but they are out of the way. I have several empty notebooks that I'm going to give to some teacher friends (we keep them on hand for those that just can't afford it). I also have a project that is still on the floor, but I'm almost done and if I put it away I'll forget to do it. Also, notice my desk is pile free! Everything has been sorted into bins, folders, or put on the book shelves. I am much happier and don't feel as overwhelmed trying to get work done now.

Plus, here is the box of stuff I am sending to goodwill because it was just cluttering up my office. It's not even junk, I got rid of a purse I never use, a candle holder I never hung, a white board I don't need, and some other stuff that I need to let go of to declutter my life!