Thursday, May 27, 2010

Truth or Scare

There is a new blog in town (think western themed music with that statement) and it doesn't like the looks of some of those alarmist blogs.

Ok, enough with the silliness. One of the challenges I have faced in my business is answering questions asked by people that have been scared out of using products. The most common questions is whether or not I use parabens in my products and that is a WHOLE different discussion. What really concerns me is that these consumers lack good scientific based information. They have gotten their information from consumer groups that are using scare tactics to "protect" consumers. These groups are trying to give people the whole truth (and nothing but the truth, hehe I couldn't resist), they are trying to meet their own agenda.

The problem is if we were to believe everything posted by these groups we wouldn't know what to do or how to avoid all of those deadly carcinogens. Instead, we'd be trying to live in a bubble, not realizing that while yes, we probably are exposed to over 500 chemicals a day; not all of those are harmful and it is really the dosage that matters. Don't think that the concentration matters, just ask your doctor. There is a reason they prescribe medications at certain doses and not higher or lower. Here is a shocker, at lower concentrations, your medications would be useless and would have no effect! Kinda like all those 500 deadly chemicals you come in contact with everyday.

So, that leads me to the point of today's post: Personal Care; Truth or Scare. I really like this blog, it is run by two people and they bring in outside people to share information that they know much more about than the average Joe; which means this is more than one person's opinion. What I also like is that there is no hidden agenda; they are very clear that their purpose is to educate the public on personal care safety based on SCIENTIFIC FACTS, not misinterpreted information (crazy thought really).

I've liked all of their articles so far, but I really liked today's because they really show how data can be skewed to suit ones purposes. I've never considered giving up my lipstick because I know that concentrations matter, but if you are concerned, PLEASE check it out.

Which do you appreciate more: the open truth with ALL information included so that you can make an informed decision or do you only like getting half the story and being scared into doing something.

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