Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meet The Robinsons

My students watched Meet the Robinsons in class (yes, I do teach high school). Most of them got the point and appreciated it, but I had a few that looked at me and asked "what was the point of that movie?" I really didn't show it as a time filler or because it was loosely related to science. I think it is an amazing movie with a great point.

Keep moving forward is the major theme of the movie. We've heard it before "if at first you don't succeed, try again," "failure teaches success." The list goes on, but I like that the movie shows that you really do have to believe in yourself. If you can just believe in yourself, you can make amazing things happen. Maybe you won't be as successful and reinvent the whole world, but only you have the power to make things happen for yourself. If you make a mistake, or fail at something, learn from it, fix the problem, and keep moving forward.

On the other hand, you could blame everyone else, make a million excuses and end up like "Goob" who had no future and no ability to make things work for yourself. He made that choice, he could have moved on and made a better life for himself, but he chose to dwell on the negative.

This could apply to just about any situation; school, work, business ownership, LIFE IN GENERAL. The choice is yours; wallow in self-pity and go nowhere OR learn from your mistakes and move ahead in life.

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