Friday, May 7, 2010

Product Scents

Yesterday I took a trip to a big name body store that shall remain nameless. Why, you ask? Research of course. One of the lessons I learned at the Soapmakers Conference in Denver was that to stay in touch with what is selling and how other products are packaged, you have to shop!

I found their "aromatherapy" collection. The bottles all stated that the products were make with real essential oil blends. My first reaction was "Oooh, a large company actually using essential oils for aromatherapy and not just an imitation fragrance." However, I was disappointed by the ingredient labels. The 4th ingredient listed was "fragrance," which means an imitation fragrance oil. Essential oils were also listed, so the packaging did not lie, it just didn't tell the whole truth.

The person with me tried some and it smelled wonderful, at first. However, after some time, the essential oils had evaporated leaving only the fragrance oil behind. It did not smell near as good anymore. Very disappointing. Plus, since it was a fragrance oil, it would not wash off and just lingered for quite a while.

Now, don't get me wrong, some fragrance oils smell wonderful, so the long lasting is a plus. However, what I don't like is that the scent you put on was NOT the scent you had a short time later. Scent blends are always complicated and are always morphing as some notes are expressed or they react with your body chemistry. But, you should be careful when purchasing a fragrance oil/essential oil blend that you will like what is left after the essential oils evaporate.

Lesson learned: Give yourself about an hour of wearing a scent and smelling it before purchasing. That way you are less likely to be disappointed by the what the scent becomes.

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