Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Anybody that is in business or even a hobbyist knows that we are constantly reading and checking out the latest information or anything that might be interesting. Although, we also know how little time we actually have for it. I found a book that looked interesting, so I checked it out from my local library (saves money). I will omit the title, but it was about green living and green beauty. I was very excited, these books always have such interesting information and great ideas.

Well, I'm sorry to say that I was VERY disappointed. In fact, I was so irritated by some of what was printed that I didn't even finish more than two chapters. The author generalized the ENTIRE beauty industry into these evil monsters that are simply out to make a profit. That is neither true nor fair. Many indie businesses were started because of a desire to do something good for our customers, the environment, and ourselves. Sure, we are in business, so we must make a profit, but it is not true to say that everyone in this business doesn't care about harming our customers as long as we get our money.

The author also used information from several studies out of context. Yes, the studies were done and those were the results, but the conclusions drawn by the author, were not the conclusions drawn by the original researchers. Did the author have the background to make such conclusions from the studies? Did the author have all of the data, information, and a thorough understanding of the entire study and all its background? If not, then nothing concluded by the author was valid and therefore should not have been printed. It is important for us to realize the amount of time, effort, and work that goes into each study and that each study needs to be repeated multiple times by other researchers before the results and conclusions can be considered valid. If a study is never repeated, then by the very definition of scientific inquiry, the results and conclusions are useless. It is never a good idea to get all of your information from one source or one study.

Lastly, the author made statements about any product that claims to be unscented must still be scented and companies that claim to use "pure essential oils" are in fact using very little essential oils and filling in with fragrance oils. So, you are thinking you are using a more natural product and are actually applying a chemical cocktail to your body. Again, that is a huge generalization and NOT TRUE. Are there companies that do this? I'm sure there are. Are there a large number that do not? ABSOLUTELY!!! My "naked" products are completely unscented. I understand that even a light scent can irritate a person's skin and senses, so if I say unscented, it truly is. I use pure essential oils in my products, I don't sell anything with fragrance oils (although I do make them for friends occasionally). I really don't put ANY other fragrances in my products. I know I could have a wider variety of scents if I did, but I'm happy without artificial fragrances. PLUS, I know I am NOT the only business person that is honest and up front about my ingredients.

It upsets me that someone published a book to promote green beauty and what was printed in that book could actually hurt those of us in this industry that are trying to make a greener, healthier product. Have you read anything that you realized was promoting a personal agenda and not necessarily selling the truth?

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