Monday, January 18, 2010

Giving Back

Well, the fourth quarter books are done and everything is organized. Which is really good timing because sales taxes are due by the 20th of the month! As many of you may know I wanted to use my company to give back and I chose to give something back to Susan G. Komen. I created a product line called BooBees and I currently have a soap and a lip balm. My pledge was to give 20% of each sale to Susan G. Komen every quarter. Well, my very first donation will be for...$12. Ok, its not much, but every little bit helps right?

To be completely honest, the BooBees soaps did not sell as well as the others and I think part of that is because I left them unscented and all unscented products sold slower. However, I am comitted to offering unscented products. I think I will expand the BooBees line and offer some other selections. First, I think I will make the BooBees soap a honey, milk, and oatmeal soap instead of just honey. I am also thinking rosemary and mint would go perfect together and make a lovely honey soap. I am also considering a milk and honey lotion.

So, ONE of my goals is to increase sales of the BooBees products by offering a wider variety, creating a better display that explains what it is for, AND I need to have this done by March. Remember SMART goals are key. Would have any other preferences for a nice scent for a milk and honey soap? What about the lotion, scented, unscented, or a very light almost not there scent?

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