Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chocolate and Roses Gift Set

This Valentine's Day, do chocolate and roses a little different with Honu Naturals exclusive Chocolate and Roses Gift Set.

We've created a beautiful Rose Petal soap decorated with baby rose petals. Even though we did not scent this soap, it smells lightly of rose. Then we added a heart-shaped cocoa massage bar made with delicious and soothing cocoa butter. This bar is so perfect, it just glides over your skin and melts in for an extraordinary massage. Plus, you get 5 cocoa and rose tub melts. Just drop one of these into your warm bath and it melts in the water spreading cocoa butter to moisturize and rose petals to help you relax.

We are offering two options. The first uses all natural ingredients and is unscented except for the natural scent of cocoa butter and rose. We will also be offering the set in Baby Rose scent; the massage bar and tub melts will be lightly scented with this lovely rose scent. Please note: Baby Rose is an artificial scent, if you do not wish to use an artificial scent, please select "Unscented."

The entire set sells for $17.25, but hurry supplies are limited. Contact us hmwalls (at) honunaturals (dot) com or visit our website

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