Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorite Teacher

Today, one of my classes told me that I was their favorite teacher and their favorite class. I think it was because they get to do lots of activities or a worksheet (very rarely) and I don't do a lot of lecturing. Plus, when I do, I try to make a game out of it. Now, I am not out to be anybody's best friend or to make the students like me. I've taught long enough to know that teenagers are fickle and can love you one day and hate you the next.

However, this was a class I'd had a LOT of problems with last semester. They are so much better this semester and I think part of that is freshmen really mature a lot during their first year of high school and it really is wonderful to watch them grow. So, I'm not out to make friends (or enemies, although it happens), but it is nice to know you are appreciated once in a while.

Appreciation goes both ways, I let my students know when I appreciate something they do, whether it is individually or as a class. Teachers don't hear thank yous or appreciation often, but it is nice when we do. When was the last time someone brightened your day by giving you a simple thank you?

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