Thursday, November 19, 2009

Orange Ginger Soap

I love this soap, it contains fresh grated ginger. I added a little orange essential oil and the soap is just amazing. I use a base of 25% coconut and 25% palm (probably more than I needed, but I was low on other oils, so time for a trip to the store), 45% soybean, canola, olive blend (you know whatever I have on hand), and 5% shea. I did not discount my water because I wanted to do a hot process, I wanted to use less orange eo. I used 1/2 oz grated ginger/lb oils (I made sure to get the fresh juice too).

I used my crockpot on low setting to slowly melt my oils and then added my lye solution. I used a stick blender and added the ginger at light trace (because I hate trying to mix in additions after it cooks) and continued blending until thick trace. I covered and left sitting on low heat.

Ok, that went as planned, but when I checked it after 30 min to stir, it looked perfect and apparently, I thought I should turn the heat off. To be honest, I don't remember doing it, but as the heat was off, I must have. So, I stirred and let it sit another 30 min. It looked just like it should, like a thick gel, so I tongue tested it and there was no zap. By the way, soap tastes horrible, even with ginger in it. I went to turn the heat off and found it was already off! This really wouldn't have been a problem for the soap, it could be salvaged, but if it hadn't already been hot enough and retained that heat, I could have been zapped big time. I guess luck was with me though.

Since the soap was well cooked, I added my orange essential oil and poured into mold. So you know, the soap was actually cool enough for me to smooth out by hand! Oh, it could have gone so wrong! I peeked at it this morning before rushing off to work and it looks great, I can't wait to cut it this afternoon. I have several people that LOVE the orange ginger, I've been told then fresh ginger makes it lightly tingly for your skin.

I love the smell and it does feel great, but I think my favorite is still my chocolate mint or pumpkin spice. What's your favorite soap? Do you have anything fun that you like to add?

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