Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Foster Kitten

Well, I got another foster kitten, but this time I only got ONE. I did not get talked into a litter or two. He's tiny, just over 1 pound when he came home Saturday. He's also very sweet, so I know that the people who had him were caring for him. Although, I'm thinking they carried him everywhere because he expects to be carried or to ride on your shoulder. Now, like I said, he's only a pound, so its not a problem and he's really quite cute. But, does anyone see this being a problem when he's a full grown cat and expects to perch on your shoulder? He is also being a picky eater, he doesn't want the dry food or the wet food. It also is not cute that while I was eating dinner he kept jumping on my lap and trying to get food off my plate. One, claws hurt when used to climb up your leg and two, that's just bad manners. So, he has a few bad habits that need to be broken, but he is very friendly and very playful. I'm just hoping he starts eating more soon. The faster he gains weight, the faster he gets to go out for adoption and find a permanent home.

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