Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We had an argument

There was an entire (internal) argument that took place on the couch earlier. I wanted to go for my run, but I really didn't. Today was a bit of a rough day. This resulted in the kind of day in which food just seems to randomly find its way into my mouth. This resulted in the desire to each a leftover cupcake and sit on the couch until bedtime.

After many biting remarks to myself, I got up and went running. I even argued about actually running. It would have been okay to make it a walking day instead! Alas, I lost that argument too. We went running. My run went better today than Monday. I felt better, I ran faster (albeit, still slower than that heard of turtles), and my breathing was a little smoother.

Bonus, I'm home now, drinking water and not really wanting that cupcake. Good times.

Total Voyage to Venus miles: 44