Sunday, March 4, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 8

I almost missed this one! It has been so long since my last one and we are doing so much rearranging, that it almost got by. BUT, it didn't. I remembered earlier today. I got rid on my one thing for this week and it really was just one thing. Not a box of related things.

Here is a little bit that I may not have shared, but it really does relate...we decided to rearrange the house. We have tried having Hayden's toys in a spare bedroom, but he really wants to run around more. Plus, we have a lot of space upstairs that wasn't getting used, space downstairs that wasn't being used, and no guest bedroom because it was a toy room. Our house is set up so that when you walk in the door, you can go upstairs or downstairs. Upstairs, we have a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and a bathroom. Off of the kitchen, there is a short set of stairs that leads to a large area that sits over the garage. Downstairs, there is a bedroom, a bathroom, the laundry room, and a very large open area. We decided to move the office all the way upstairs and the tv/playroom downstairs. That gives us a guest bedroom and uses space better.

In the office was a small desk that I bought when I first moved to Colorado because I had a small apartment. We've kept it and it does get used, but mainly to hold stuff that should go in a folder, file, trash, or whatever. Guess what! It is gone! I was going to take it to a thrift store, but thought of a better use. I took it to school! I took it to use as an extra desk in my classroom. It will be perfect for my students. If someone needs extra space to work, a group wants to work together, or someone just wants to sit apart, it will serve a new purpose. No longer will it catch stuff that I should be organizing from the start; now it will help serve my students' needs :)

I don't have a picture because we already got it moved up to school, but I'll share a few of the rearranging in progress just to distract you.
New office space, still organizing.

Large downstairs area after we got the two main desks out. You can see the other against the wall.