Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 11

I'm a little behind! This is actually from last week, but I didn't get it posted because my parents were in town to see Hayden this weekend. We had a lot of fun!

We finally got the downstairs painted and the furniture moved. Most of Hayden's toys are now downstairs; as is the T.V. As I was putting movies back on the shelves, I decided to clear some out. We have quite a collection of VHS tapes and DVDs, but I will say, we already got rid of the duplicates.

Completely unrelated picture of Hayden a year ago!
The first movies to go were movies that I kept because my mom liked them. This included several Steven Segal films. She was a big fan, I really have no opinion. Next, we movies that we bought and didn't even like. We kept them because we had paid for them, but that is just silly. Last, were the movies that we watched, they were okay, but we aren't likely to watch again.
Unrelated picture of Hayden and Granddaddy on Saturday!

So, we have a big box of movies to take over to Entertainmart and trade in for store credit. Total, we will probably get enough for one movie, but it will be a movie that we have been wanting and will enjoy.

I didn't take a picture of the box. It seems silly to post a picture of a box of movies, but it really was a pretty big box. It currently contains 20 DVDs or VHS tapes that are bound for trade-in.

Have you started decluttering yet? If so, what have you gotten rid of? If not, what's the hold up?