Monday, March 5, 2012

Hemp Seed Oil

By now, most people have heard about all of the benefits of the hemp plant. It can be made into really strong fibers (super-absorbent too, if you are a cloth diapering person), is naturally resistant to pests, and grows really fast. Did you know that the "seed" is good for you too?

When pressed, hemp (Cannabis sativa) makes an oil that is high in unsaturated essential fatty acids, low in saturated fatty acids, and has natural vitamin e. That makes it good for you inside and out! I know people that have started using it for cooking and love it. I haven't looked into all of the benefits of ingesting hemp seed oil (or ground hemp seeds), but I'm sure you can find plenty.

I HAVE done a lot of reading about the skin care benefits of hemp seed oil. I know, it shocks you that I would research skin care, but I do. Hemp seed oil contains linolenic acid and may help to stimulate cell growth and regeneration. The high percentage of essential fatty acids means it also it is great for dry or damaged skin. Most sources claim that is is good for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin lesions.

I decided to do my own research to find out how it works. I have tried it in lotion, lip balms, and soaps and I can't get enough of it. Hemp seed oil absorbs in quickly, so you do not have a lingering "greasy" feel that many vegetable oils leave. That means it makes a nice lotion, but also a wonderful, non-greasy after-bath oil. I imagine that it would make a great massage oil, but I haven't tested that yet. Hemp seed oil does work wonders for dry skin, but it is also soothing for sunburned skin or windburned lips (I know, I should have made sure I didn't have to find that out).

I do not have psoriasis, but I do have eczema. I get it on my face, right around my eyes and across the bridge of my nose. Not pretty! When I do have a breakout, I dab a little pure hemp seed oil on the dry, scaly patches and it clears up quickly. Usually, overnight!

Hemp seed oil may not be for everyone, but it is very useful and gentle. It does have a strong odor, but I prefer to deal with the smell (or use an herbal essential oil blend to mask it) rather than buy the refined oil. I'm not sure that the refined would be any less useful, but why take the chance?

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