Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lullaby Soap

I finally decided what I wanted to do with the soap! I made the lotion and couldn't wait to make the matching soap, but I couldn't decide what to do! It finally hit me...I would make it pink and blue. I also decided to try a technique I've seen where the soap colors are perfectly separated.

Lullaby (formerly known as Hush-A-Bye) is a lavender/chamomile fragrance. It is more floral and powdery than real lavender and chamomile, but soft and gentle just like our babies. You will also notice hints of orange, musk, and cedarwood. It is probably one of my favorite fragrances. It is very similar to some of the big brands sleepy time lotions and washes.

I wanted to get a very soft pink and blue. Almost powdery. The technique I used involved making a divider that fits perfectly lengthwise down your mold. I used a piece of cardboard that I cut to (almost) fit; I learned that a perfect fit would have been better.

  1. Mix your soap to a VERY thin trace.
  2. Add fragrance and separate soap (or separate and then fragrance; it depends on what you want to do). It is important to make sure you divide it evenly.
  3. Color soap. I learned that it is important to hand stir both or one will be thicker than the other and that is not good.
  4. If you have an assistant, have your assistant hold the divider in place and pour both your colors into opposite sides at the same time. This will result in the most even separation of colors. If you do not have an assistant, hold the divider and quickly pour small amounts of soap into each side. There will be some leaking past the divider when you first start, but once there is enough soap to hold the divider in place; you can pour both at the same time.
  5. Cover and set aside (to gel or not to gel is your preference).

 The colors don't look right in the picture. The blue is less gray and the other side is not so orange. I like the blue I got; I used a blend of ultramarine blue and ultramarine violet. I used very little and I got a nice color. It isn't as soft as I was going for, so I may have to try something new. The other side, I just didn't use enough colorant. I use a high percentage of olive oil, so the yellow of the soap made my pink (it was so pretty!) look orangish. It is a pinkish orange color, but not quite what I was aiming for.

They smell amazing though!