Thursday, February 9, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 5

This week was pretty easy. So easy that I'm a little surprised I didn't do it earlier! On the coat hook by the front door I have a backpack that hangs there. No coats, the dog's kennel is above it and it gets hairy! So, the backpack hangs there just in case I need it for anything. I have no idea what, but it is there just in case.

Here is the kicker, I have another backpack downstairs, just in case. Hmmm...time to clean up.

Now, I have had the one backpack since I was in college and I have taken good care of it. It went with me to camp every year. I use a backpack as a carry-on on flights because you can fit a lot in them and they are easy to carry. I bought the second backpack because I loaned the first one to my brother for a trip he was taking and he didn't return it. Well, summer came and I needed a backpack for camp, so I bought the other one. He finally returned the first one (I won't tell you how long it took), so I had two. One goes to camp, a flight, a car trip (great way to pack a change of clothes), or wherever I might need it. BUT, I never carry both at the same time. That would look incredibly silly.
Cream colored one is from college; red one is the replacement I bought.

So, it is time to get rid of one. I decided to get rid of the older one. The red one is actually bigger, so it can hold more and it has more pockets. Since I am going to the National Science Teacher Association conference in Indianapolis (I'm so excited!) this year, I will need the bigger backpack.

So long my old and faithful backpack. You have served me well for many years. You are in great shape; may you serve someone else as well!

Bonus: I found $.69 (yes, that says cents), a set of keys for camp, and a random key chain in the backpack. I really have no idea where the keychain came from, I have never seen it before. So, I am going to assume that it is in some way related to Cory and since it has a pink flip flop, I will also assume that it is related to a girl he met when he borrowed my backpack.
Random keychain!
I know how hard it is to get rid of stuff, I keep the silliest stuff for sentimental reasons and just because I am forgetful, so it never goes anywhere. However, I am working hard on letting go. Stuff is leaving this house.
Will you join me?