Saturday, February 18, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 6

This weeks challenge was really more than 1 thing, but I'm counting it as one thing. It was really more like 1 category. This week, I got rid of...(feel the suspense)...


That's right! I decided that it was time to go through my knick knacks and declutter. I decided to go with those pesky little items that you collect through the years and hold on to because they really are special to you. Why? Easy...I have a small child that likes to get into everything. And, we gave up a bedroom for him, so most of them have been in a box since he was born. Plus, I have a lot of things that I have collected over the years.

Some of the stuff, I have actually had since high school (possibly junior high)! At one point, I collected horses. I was given a lot of horses. It was time to cull the herd a bit. I have some other things too. I have shot glasses that I get when I go on trips; I don't know why that seems like a good item to collect, but it does. I get photo frames too; the frames make more sense because you can put a picture of the trip out.

Again, I put most of what I have away before Hayden was born. If I haven't had it out in that long, then it is safe to go through the boxes and get rid of stuff. To be honest, I did not get rid of everything. There are things that are very special to me. Even if a box, it is special. Someday, I will find a good way to display these items. Until then, a box it is.
The sad plant in the background is making a comeback!

I went through two boxes of stuff. I have one box of stuff to keep. Believe it or not, that box isn't even full. I send one overflowing box to be donated.

I know it probably sounds crazy, but I think next week I may go out into the garage (oh, the horror) and see what can go.

If you have started decluttering, I would love to hear what you have been up to!