Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natural Ingredients Not Right For Everyone

With all the "all natural" or "nearly natural" products coming out, it is easy for the consumer to assume that it will be better for them, but that's not necessarily true. For example, I can't use Burt's Bees Lip Balms because I'm allergic to lanolin. I know plenty of people that rave about Burt's Bees and I like their products too, but they irritate me. If you are allergic to nuts, then products with sweet almond oil are probably not for use and I use it in most of my products. I can't use anything with lemon essential oil on my skin. I know some people that can, but not me. I choose to use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances because I have had plenty of bad reactions to synthetics and some have given me headaches. I love Bed, Bath, and Beyond because its just so much fun, but I can't spend more than 5 minutes in the store.

The most important thing consumers should consider is what works best for their skin and what do they like. If you can use a lotion with cucumber melon scent and you like it, then use it. You can even find indie businesses that make nearly natural products and use synthetic fragrances that are just as good as anything made with essential oils. I do recommend looking for products that do not have mineral oil or petrolatum because they do not have the same benefits as vegetable oils. Always read labels carefully before making any purchases, all ingredients are listed in order highest amount to smallest amount.

Side Note:If you are looking for a product for aromatherapy, it should only contain the highest quality ingredients and only pure essential oils. Aromatherapists will tell you that synthetics might smell good, but do not actually offer any therapy benefits.

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