Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mystik Studios

So, I decided that I would like for everyone to meet the person designing my labels, logo, and even working on my website. I'm so lucky to know a designer! Her name is Karen Brown of Mystik Studios and I think she's awesome. She also did Camp Monakiwa's website if anyone is interested. Mine isn't up yet, but the background is cool. Check them both out if you have time.

ME: What is the best part about your job as a graphic designer?
KB: Being creative! Being able to release my emotions through my art and put something down on paper that I have running around in my mind.

ME: Where did your interest in art and design come from?
KB: I've always liked art, it didn't necessarily come from anywhere. I loved to draw as a kid and when I was in college I was really unhappy with my major. I had a couple of classes that allowed me to be creative, so I decided that was better for me.

ME: What's your process for designing anything from a logo to a website?
KB: I speak to the client and see what they want, then sit down and do small designs called thumbnails. That's the concept phase. I then get approval from the client on the concept they like. Then, you go into production. This is all based on the initial concept and get approval again. If everything is good you go into final production.

ME: How do you decide what will work for different clients?
KB: The client decides that. I try different concepts and let the client decide. Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board and keep trying. Sometimes you start to narrow down what they want and sometimes they will change their mind. But, its just a process of coming up with new ideas and giving them lots of choices.

ME: Well, thank you for joining us today! I really appreciate even more of your time. Good luck and hopefully we'll talk to you again soon.
KB: Thank you!

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