Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas In July Show

I just did a Christmas in July Show this past weekend. It was put together by Krista who is a Scentsy consultant, check out her site She did a great job for a first show and I have to say a HUGE thanks to her for everything she did. The best part was I got to meet some other great crafters!

I met Nicole who does some really cool crocheting, she makes the cutest tops and dresses. There were even reusable swiffer sweeper pads. They fit just like the store bought pads, but go in the wash to be reused! How cool is that? She also had some dish scrubbers that were nice and thick. I was really impressed by her creativity. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you in contact with her. She does custom work too. I hope to get some pictures of her stuff up soon.

Misti is a Stampin' Up consultant, but also does custom wedding invitations. She is so very creative! She had simple, yet gorgeous journals. It was so cool. I could see young girls having a blast making those and personalizing them. She had some very patriotic coasters that I just loved. Her work is very nice and so easy to personalize.

I also met other Amy from BeautiControl and the instant facelift they offer is so unbelievable! Jessica is with Lia Sophia, her jewelry was just lovely. Laura had her Pampered Chef stuff, which was so much fun to play with, plus I didn't break anything! Jennifer is a Chocolatier and her chocolate was AMAZING. There was also some beautiful woodworking, it was all handmade, even the woodburning and coloring was done by hand. I couldn't believe how nice it was.

Overall, I think it was a success. Its always so great to meet new people and get to share ideas and information. Thanks again to Krista for putting it all together and thanks to all the wonderful ladies that I got to visit with.

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