Monday, July 16, 2012

Declutter Challenge: Week 27

We've been gathering stuff for another garage sale, so we have a lot of stuff going into the garage. That means that our garage has been a little messy. On Saturday, we decided to clean it up a bit. We pulled a few boxes in from the garage because there is some stuff that we would like to put up online; instead, of putting it in a garage sale. Which means we have a little more clutter in the office now. I just got it cleaned up too! Oh well, we are getting stuff listed and that is just another way to declutter as it sells.

Remember, my declutter challenge is just one item a week to get rid of. It can be small or large, but once you get started, it becomes really easy.

That was not my major declutter though! Saturday, I was putting laundry away and I looked into the shelves in my closet and gasped! It was time to clean out the closet.
GASP! Ok, the clothes on the bottom shelf I do wear, but some are seasonal and some can't hang.

I pulled everything off the shelves on the side and up above. I went through all the clothes and cleared out my sweatshirt collection. I put some of the clothes back because I wear them :)
I did keep a few sweaters, but these can go.
I also found several bags that I cleaned out. One was an old soccer bag that had a tape player (that still works) and a first aid kit. I cleaned out the bag from my triathlon days. I took out the sunscreen, skin glide, and the defogger, but put the wetsuit, goggles, and swim cap back. I also found another bag that was empty that didn't need to be kept, so it went out to the garage.
Soccer bag from my days as a Filly!
Yes, those patches say '86. I've had it a while.

I found my old tape player. It was a very good one too!
Now, my closet looks nicer and I am happier with it. How long did all of this take me? I did this while dinner was in the oven and the toddler was distracted with toys in the kitchen. So, this was less than 30 minutes worth of work.

What have you decluttered!