Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who's A Busy Little Bee?

Why, that would be me! (I know, that was bad, but so true)

We are now into the 2nd quarter at school and I am still struggling to keep up. I didn't start at this school until December last year, so I'm still in that "I'm new and trying to get everything done" phase. Soon, I will be to a point where I have already made the lessons, the PPT presentations, the notes, and whatever else I will need. BUT, right now, I am doing something every night for class the next day.
School pic, but I like it anyway!

On the plus side, I have already started preparing my students for Science Fair, so hopefully we can avoid the mad rush around February. Probably not completely, but for the most part.

Here is how my schedule goes:
5:30-Get up, shower, and get ready
7:00-Leave for work
7:15-Drop Hayden off at day care
7:45-Students come in
3:45-Technically off work
4:15-Officially leave work and get Hayden
4:30-5:15 ish-Play like mad with Hayden (sometimes he sleeps, but not often)
5:15-Dinner, bath time, get ready for bed, story time, and a lullaby!
6:00 ish-Start working on school stuff; grading, planning, quiz making, presentation making, whatever!
9:30-Give Hayden some milk and put him back to sleep

Sometimes I take the night off from school stuff to work on my business. For example, tonight I worked on an order. Sometimes I take the night off and do personal stuff like scrapbooking or something similar.

I feel like there is so much that I am neglecting :( I enjoy teaching most of the time. I love running my business, although I wish I could spend more time growing said business.

The point of this was not to complain, but to let my very few readers out there understand exactly why things have been slow on here. I miss posting more and I can only hope that soon I will be at a point where I actually get to do personal stuff on my personal time.