Saturday, November 5, 2011

Product Spotlight: Juicy Grapefruit Lotion

We have all heard about all the health benefits of grapefruits. They are high in vitamin c, antioxidants, and fiber; but are low in calories. They can help lower cholesterol and help you loose weight. Plus, they really are delicious. I love them in salads!

BUT, did you know that grapefruit essential oil is also good for your skin and your mood?

On your skin, it is reported to have a toning and stimulating effect. Grapefruit essential oil is commonly used in facial cleansers to help clear up acne and makes a good toner for oilier skin types. This fabulous oil is also thought to stimulate the lymphatic system and promoting cellulite reduction and healthier skin. It is also non-irritating and non-sensitizing as some citrus oils can be.

Grapefruit essential oil acts as a mood enhancer; reducing moodiness, headaches, and stress. It can be used in lotions, massage oils, or in vaporizers! It really is just all around wonderful.

Grapefruit essential oil is listed as photo-toxic; meaning strong sunlight should be avoided after using.
Juicy Grapefruit Lotion, available in 8 oz or 2 oz sizes!

You can get all the benefits of grapefruit essential oil and the high-quality moisture of Honu Naturals' lotion in our Juicy Grapefruit Lotion. Made with a non-greasy blend of almond, olive, and sunflower oil, our lotion is gentle, light, and highly effective. It is perfect for all-over, every day use!