Monday, January 10, 2011

Foamer Bottles

As I mentioned before (here, here, and here), I've been trying out liquid soaps. A few weeks ago, I diluted the last of my paste from my first batch. I diluted too much and was playing with crothix to thicken it back up. It was just too thin, so I had a brilliant idea and decided I'd get some foamer bottles and see how the soap worked.

Well, I ordered the bottles and when I got them I was sooooo excited! I couldn't wait to try my liquid soap in a pump. One slight problem...I forgot to order the pumps. Oops! So, I had the bottles, but no pumps. Oh well, I let the soap sit in the container and decided I would add the pumps to my next order. I got them in the other day and decided to pour some soap into one of them. I did notice as I was pouring that the soap had thickened slightly. Turns out it was too thick to really foam well. So, I poured out some of the soap and added more water. It is still a little too thick, but I have my own liquid soap in a bottle! This is very exciting for me.

On the positive side, the soap is actually thick enough to use as a shower gel or shampoo now. So, the rest of the liquid soap shall be scented and put in sample bottles to be distributed. (I am still looking for feedback, if you have tried some of my other samples).

I also made a wonderful decision. I decided to actually read Making Natural Liquid Soap by Catherine Failor, which I checked out from the library, but now I think I need to add it to my own library. There were some great tips that could have saved me a little time. Oh well, I've and learn! I highly recommend adding this to your reading list BEFORE you try making liquid soap, even if you've read other tutorials online. Failor's book is very thorough and helpful.

Would you prefer to use liquid soap or bar soap in the shower?