Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Did I Tell You?

I told you after my first successful attempt at diluting my soap paste to make liquid soap that it would take me FOREVER to get it right again. Well, I was right. Which, by the way, is not always a good thing. I have been playing with diluting my paste and then thickening it and it is always too thick or too thin. (You can read about my next silly adventure here.)

I think my major problem is...I'm impatient. I have the same problem with cold process soap making. I like to keep peeking while it is in the mold. It took so long to dissolve the paste with the amount of water I was using, I added more. The result: really thin soap that is impossible to thicken properly.

Using crothix as a thickener (because salt water was NOT doing it) I have made it a little too thick and so thick it actually was the consistency of GAK (if you remember that stuff). Looking back, I really should have colored and scented that in jars and marketed it to kids, but I didn't. However, it is always a possibility. I also decided that I would use the really thin soap in those foamer bottles to see if I would like it and then I could sell hand soap. So, I ordered some bottles. What did I forget to order? That's right; the pumps. Oops.

So, lesson learned. Patience is still important and I will use less water to dilute my paste and then it won't need to be thickened (much). Plus, soap bottles work much more efficiently if they have some sort of cap. I'm still going to play around with foaming hand soap though.

My word for the day is PATIENCE. What is yours?